At Mc IVOR FARRELL we understand how difficult things can get that’s why we are here to help. It costs nothing to speak to us about any legal matter that is on your mind so call us on 028 9023 7053 or 028 9032 4565 for promptĀ  professional advice. We offer home and hospital visits when necessary as well as 24hr call out attendances for arrests at Police Stations throughout Northern Ireland.

We Have A Strong Reputation In The Following Areas :

1. Criminal Law

From the very minor to complex and serious crime we are on your side. We will guide you through the process expertly from detention and questioning at the police station to representation at Court. Our team of Criminal Solicitors and Advocates will ensure your representation is to the highest level. We are renowned internationally for our Human Rights based approach to Criminal Defence and have received recognition from The Brehon Law Society, New York, for our

Outstanding Criminal Defence Advocacy in Northern Ireland

We offer 24hr call-out representation at Police Stations throughout the jurisdiction.

2. Compensation Claims

Our claims team are on your side and can assist in all compensation cases including Road Traffic Accidents, Medical and Professional Negligence Claims and Accidents at Work or in Public Places. If you have an injury and believe blame rests with someone else we are here to help you recover your maximum financial entitlement. We have recently settled cases for hundreds of thousands of pounds and can advise you in relation to the setting up of Personal Trusts to protect your financial interests. If you are unable to come to see us we can arrange to see you, it’s that simple so call us now.

3. Domestic Violence

If you are suffering from domestic violence you need help and we are on your side to provide all the legal protections available to you. We have helped hundreds of people to protect themselves and their children against the horrors of domestic violence. Please don’t suffer in silence, we are on your side and just a phone call away so call now.

4. Matrimonial Breakdown

Unfortunately relationships can break down and when they do we are here to help. We can take you through the difficult process of Divorce or Judicial Separation and ensure you are catered for financially in a fair and reasonable manner. We can assist in all contact matters arising with any children of the relationship to ensure that your rights and their interests are protected. If you are separated and seek advice in relation to formally terminating the relationship or if you are having difficulties in the contact arrangements for your children call us now so we can help.

5. Judical Reviews/ Human Rights Cases

Sometimes The State can get things wrong and when it does we are here to help. If you feel aggrieved by a decision of any Public Authority or Statutory Agency please call us. We are one of the leading firms who offer advice in relation to Judicial Review and can guide you through what is a complex area of law.
We also offer assistance in relation to Legacy Inquests and cases where an individual’s death is brought about by the actions of the State. We understand the sensitivities involved in these type of cases and are more than happy to facilitate home visits if preferred. If you have any concerns about the death of a loved one either by State Forces or as a result of State failings please contact us.

6. Prison Welfare/Parole Hearings

As Criminal Defence experts our involvement does not end at the Sentencing Hearing. We take pride in our after care provided to Prisoners and their families and attend all Prisons regularly to deal with general welfare issues arising and to guide prisoners through the Parole Process.
We have a strong reputation for preparing and attending Parole Hearings for prisoners convicted of serious crime and are keen to ensure liberty is restored to prisoners at the earliest opportunity.
If you have a friend or relative in custody who is currently going through the Parole Process call us and we can assist.

7. Mediation

McIvor Farrell are one of the few firms that offer Mediation Services. We understand the Court process can be expensive and subject to delays so as an alternative we can mediate disputes that may arise at a fraction of the cost and within a much quicker timescale. We are Certified in accordance with the standards required for Certified Member of the Mediators Institute of Ireland so you can be assured your Mediation will be to a high standard.