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Challenging Case of Sentencing Principles

McIvor Farrell recently defended an Accused of two Robberies where the Probation Board had assessed him as ‘Dangerous’ prior to sentencing meaning that he was likely to receive an Extended Custodial Sentence. We robustly challenged this assessment and Solicitor Advocate, Paul Farrell, made legal submissions to the Court and obtained expert Forensic Psychology Reports disputing the Probation Boards findings.

Following a fully disputed hearing the Court accepted the Legal Arguments and Medical Opinion advanced by the Defence and the Offender was not deemed to be Dangerous and received a Determinate Custodial Sentence of two and a half years custody and two and a half years on licence upon release.

Speaking outside court Mr Farrell said “This was a very challenging case involving a complex area of sentencing principles. We are delighted to have secured the outcome for the Defendant that we have done and believe the Court has come to the correct conclusion and sentence in the case.”

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