Belfast rioter gets suspended jail term

Solicitor advocate Paul Farrell told the court that the tourism degree student “literally took a wrong turn – a wrong turn on the way home and a wrong turn in his life”.

He said that when he came upon the rioting, Baker was “quite literally a moth attracted to a dangerous flame”.

The judge told the former Royal Belfast Academical Institution pupil he had let his family and himself down and that the message had repeatedly gone out that “people who get involved in riotous situations in this city can expect custodial sentences as an almost automatic consequence”.

Two men charged over murder of businessman

Mr Farrell put to him that Allen had given a “full account” during 20 interviews when initially arrested in 1996 and again since his arrest last Tuesday. The solicitor also put it to the detective sergeant that the accounts of both witnesses A and B were “replete with mistakes, inconsistencies, vagaries and ultimately confusion” but the officer refuted the suggestion.

Mr Farrell further suggested to the officer that with all the media attention and pressure associated with the case, the police were “embellishing the case … and are trying to get the evidence to fit the theory”, but again the officer denied that.

In refusing the bail application and remanding the pair into custody to appear in court again on Wednesday, District Judge Amanda Henderson said she would view any potential bail applications if there were suitable addresses outside Carrick.

Prison for woman who hid a stash of heroin in her bra

Judge Loughran said that despite the forceful defence plea of solicitor advocate Paul Farrell, which was deserving of the highest commendation, Hawkins’ offending had passed the threshold of an immediate custodial sentence.

Hawkins, whose descent into the drug culture came from an earlier hedonistic lifestyle, had made positive and valiant efforts to turn her life around and was genuinely remorseful, the court heard.

Claims Advice Service

Motorists in Northern Ireland can benefit from a new scheme launched this week by the Law Society of Northern Ireland.

The ‘Claims Advice Service’ has been launched in partnership with some of Northern Ireland’s leading insurance companies and will offer motorists a comprehensive service if they have been involved in a road traffic accident.

McIvor Farrell Solicitors are proud to offer motorists this service which will arrange for the repair and replacement of your damaged vehicle. You can also have the reassurance that the cost of car hire and repair of their vehicle will not be met by you.

The new Claims Advice Service provides motorists with the knowledge that McIvor Farrell will deal with your motoring requirements as well as offering invaluable legal advice following your accident.

To support the new service the Law Society has also the Solicitors Card which provides motorists with information on what to do and who to contact if they are involved in a road traffic accident. The card is produced in easily accessible credit card size and format.

The bright yellow solicitor’s card provides a top tips list on one side of the card and the contact details of McIvor Farrell on the reverse.   A smaller Tag Card has also been launched which can be attached to the driver’s car keys or key ring.

Both cards have been developed to ensure that the motorist has ease of access to the most important information of what to do and who to contact following a road traffic accident.

Call in to McIvor Farrell today for your ‘Solicitors Card’ or Contact Us to have one posted to you.

International Client Counselling Competition

Thanks are due to
the Law Society, Belfast Solicitors’
Association, Queen’s University and
other sponsors for making it possible
for the team to attend. Thanks are
also due to Steven’s firm – Bogue and
McNulty and to Ciaran’s firm – McIvor
Farrell for their financial contribution,
for allowing the team the time to
participate in the competition, and for
their general support and
encouragement. I can assure all of
these generous sponsors that they have
good cause to be proud of the team
and their excellent performance. It
was a real triumph to get into the final
against such stiff competition. Steven
and Ciaran were also great
ambassadors for Northern Ireland and
the Institute. It was hard to go to a
competition as defending titleholders
but they ensured that, whatever the
result, we would come back proud of