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Supreme Court Brexit Challenge Video

German broadcaster Deutsche Welle ‘Focus on Europe’ video describing the Raymond McCord who lost his son in the Northern Ireland conflict and wants to block the UK’s exit from the EU. He argues Brexit could undermine the Good Friday peace agreement and has taken his case to UK Supreme Court.

High Court Judgement in London on Brexit

We welcome today’s decision in respect of the cases before the Divisional court of England Wales. We are of the view that this is a significant decision, which will no doubt have systemic ramifications. We are currently examining the written judgment and at this stage we believe that it is supportive of our case. Mr… Read more »

High Court Decision on Brexit Case

Mr McCord’s case is that the British Government ceded some of its sovereignty to Northern Ireland through the enactment of the Good Friday Agreement and the Northern Act. Moreover, it is pleaded that the people of Northern Ireland are sovereign in relation to Constitutional change and only through the mandate of the people of Northern… Read more »

Brexit Judgement Due

Mr McCord’s case and that of the cross-party group of politicians are listed for judgment tomorrow at Belfast High court at 10am. This is highly significant as judgment will be handed down in Northern Ireland before London. Therefore, there can be no doubt that the world’s focus will be on Belfast High Court tomorrow morning…. Read more »

Brexit case lawyer encouraged by London proceedings

Ciaran O’Hare of McIvor Farrell Solicitors travelled to London alongside barrister Conan Fegan BL in order to perform a watching brief at the English challenges to the Brexit process. Mr O’Hare explained: “The reason why these cases may proceed to the Supreme Court is that they involve constitutional legal issues of huge importance.” In proceedings in… Read more »

Northern Ireland Solicitors Brexit Appearance

Northern Irish Lawyers, Ciaran O’Hare Solicitor (of McIvor Farrell Solicitors) and Conan Fegan BL, acting on behalf of the Victims Campaigner Raymond McCord, are currently performing a watching brief in London’s High Court today, in relation to the English challenges to the Article 50 process. Their appearance in today’s proceedings were announced by Lord Pannick… Read more »

Raymond McCord’s Brexit Challenge

Our client’s case was listed before Belfast High court on Tuesday 4 October 2016. On this date, Ronan Lavery QC, on behalf of Mr McCord made the following submissions to the court; “Sovereignty over constitutional affairs has been ceded [by the UK]. It is not the relationship, as it might once have been, between a… Read more »

Implications of Brexit in Northern Ireland High Court Proceedings

Paul Farrell

Belfast solicitors McIvor Farrell welcome the attitude of HMG that current Judicial Review proceedings taken on behalf of Raymond McCord in relation to the implications of Brexit in Northern Ireland be expedited as soon as possible. Before Mr Justice Maguire (QC at Belfast High Court), the Government’s representative confirmed that it was in the interests… Read more »

Northern Ireland Legal challenge against Brexit

Victims campaigner Raymond McCord has launched the first legal challenge in Northern Ireland to the UK leaving the European Union. Mr McCord, whose son Raymond Jr was murdered by the UVF in north Belfast in 1997, is believed to be the first person in Northern Ireland to issue proceedings over Brexit. He is taking the… Read more »